Is it time to upgrade your environmental chamber?

January 21, 2019 | General News
Is it time to upgrade your environmental chamber?

Environmental chambers are used to study the behavior of materials at both high and low temperatures, between +600 and -150º C. Instron has been supplying environmental chambers for over 50 years, and although the physical wear and tear on a chamber is minimal, third-party supply issues, regulation changes, and material availability mean that the parts and materials used to repair older chambers become more and more difficult to source over time.

There are two primary reasons for upgrading your environmental chamber. The first is peace of mind: many labs cannot afford to wait the weeks it may take to raise funds, order, receive, and install a replacement chamber should their existing one fail. The second is all the benefits of using a fully-supported, current product and the newer features that come with it, such as:

  • Improved window heating and clarity to aid in the use of video extensometry
  • Integration with Bluehill® Universal providing optimum communication and control
  • Improved efficiency using soak-time control
  • Full support within the Bluehill Universal TestProfiler module for advanced applications  

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