Sima HandSafe wood saw recognised with Intermat Safety Award

March 1, 2018 | Press Release
Sima HandSafe wood saw recognised with Intermat Safety Award

Now Granada based Sima has launched a new wood cutting saw that protects its operator, with the development being awarded the Intermat Safety Award.  

A wood cutting saw can be a dangerous machine to operate or be around; its tungsten carbide blade rotates at 2,700rpm which presents a danger to anyone who gets too close.  This danger is all too real with many accidents being reported globally each year.  This in effect means that these machines are subject to very astringent safety regulations, being equipped with multiple security measures, such as plastic pushers, a cover on the blade, etc. Despite the safety measures, the vast majority of accidents with wood cutting machines occur due to operator negligence due to removing the always bothersome cover of the blade, or using both hands to push the wood into the blade cutting edge, instead of using the plastic pushers. This explains why most of the accidents happen to experienced workers, who have lost their fear of the machine and wish to work faster or more comfortably. 

The new HandSafe wood saw from Sima goes a long way in improving operator safety as it protects the operator even in cases of negligence or distraction. One of the major innovations being that if the blade touches human skin it will stop in 4/100th of a second.  Thus, the damage will be limited, being in most cases a cut requiring stitches. Of course, if a hand moves at full speed against the blade, even if the stop is practically immediate, serious damage will be inflicted, although always less serious than if machine does not stop. This safety system also reduces the damage caused by accidents related to negligence or mishandling. The integrated ISS (Instant Stop Sensor) detects human flesh by measuring three parameters: skin moisture, resistance of the object in touch with the blade and conductivity. 

All of these developments were acknowledged by the presentation of the Intermat Safety Award as a great step forward in preventing work place accidents in January of this year.

Reference: PDworld


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