Auto Static Load Test System

The ASLT system is supplied with a rugged site notebook, pre-loaded with the ASLT controlling software and calibration for the transducers.

The system incorporates a data acquisition battery back-up, which allows testing to continue in the event of a power failure, without the loss of any intelligence. 

Improved safety features enable you to monitor tests from a safe distance of up to 25 meters, removing the need for operatives to be in close proximity to potentially dangerous, highly loaded system components.

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Applications Pile Integrity Testing
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Utilities - Electricity and Water
  • Wireless remote logging increases the safety of site operatives
  • Supplied with a fully calibrated load cell to suit a required range
  • Data displayed in real-time
  • Power failure protection
  • User-friendly software
  • Customized alarming conditions
  • Easy to handle, rugged equipment
  • James Fisher Testing Services' complete testing package available.

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