Inspection System CIX 100

The OLYMPUS CIX 100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for manufacturers who maintain high-quality standards for manufactured components' cleanliness. 

The cleanliness of components, parts, and fluids is at the center of the manufacturing process. Meeting high standards for counting, analyzing, and classifying the often micron-sized contaminant and foreign particles is essential for all operations: development, manufacturing, production, and quality control of the final product.

International and national directives describe the methods and required documentation to determine particle contamination on essential machined parts since these particles directly impact the lifespan of parts and components. Previously, the mass of residue particles was used to characterize the residue. The new standards demand more detailed information about the nature of the contamination, such as the number of particles, particle size distribution, and particle characteristics. The OLYMPUS CIX 100 Cleanliness Inspection System is designed to meet modern industry cleanliness requirements and national and international directives.

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Applications Cleanliness Inspector Microscope
Industries Aerospace, Commercial Services, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas
  • Simple and Reliable
  • Fast Live Analysis
  • Compliant Report Creation
  • Motorized Focus
  • Motorized Nosepiece
  • Intuitive Guidance for Maximum Productivity
  • Automatic or Manual height measurement of selected particles.
Inspection System CIX 100
Product Brochures

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