Dual Element Corrosion Transducers DC1–DC5

DC-1 and DC-2 Transducers: Tough and Versatile

With a 7.5 MHz frequency and slight roof angle, DC1 and DC2 dual element transducers provide optimal near-surface resolution in the range of 0.30–2 in. (7.6–50.8 mm) in steel.

DC-3 - DC-5 Transducers: Inspect Thinner Materials and Go Beyond Corrosion Monitoring

The DC3, DC4, and DC5 dual-element transducers expand your inspection capabilities. Inspect thinner material—ranging from 0–1.5 in. (0–38.1 mm) depths—thanks to 5 MHz frequencies and optimal element sizes/placement. The DC3 model’s high-angle design takes the series beyond corrosion monitoring and thickness measurement to include thin-wall pipe weld inspection and other applications.

DC3 Transducer: Fast Pipe Weld Testing and Thin-Wall Material Inspections

Built with a 5 MHz frequency and high-angle longitudinal wave, the DC3 dual element transducer provides optimal near-surface resolution for very thin materials ranging from 0–0.6 in. (0–15.24 mm).

DC4 and DC5 Transducers: Optimized to Detect Flaws and Measure Thickness in Thin Materials

Manufactured at 5 MHz with slightly angled elements and a 0-degree longitudinal wave, the DC4 and DC5 dual-element transducers offer enhanced thickness measurement and flaw detection in thin materials ranging from 0–1.5 in. (0–38.1 mm).

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Applications Transducers and Probes
Industries Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Utilities - Electricity and Water

DC-1 and DC-2 Transducers Key Benefits:

    • Ideal for coverage of thin materials
    • Excels at thickness measurement, corrosion mapping, and flaw sizing
    • Available in standard (DC-1) and thick-walled (DC-2) housings
    • Built to last even with frequent scrubbing due to thick-walled, wear-resistant housing (DC-2)
    • Effective on pipes as small as 1 in. (25.4 mm) OD
    • Rated for elevated temperature pipe and tank inspections with a heat-resistant delay line up to 150 °C (300 °F)
    • Fits into small spaces: low profile (18 mm high) and 0.455 in. (DC-1)/0.56 in. tip diameter (DC-2)
    • The knurled case is easy to grip
    • Broad compatibility with unmolded BNC or LEMO connectors
    • Improved spring strain relief (BNC connector only) to minimize cable damage

      DC-3, DC-4, and DC-5 Transducers Key Benefits:

      • Optimal near-surface resolution for thin materials
      • Slight roof angle improves flaw detection and thickness measurement
      • Replaceable wedges lengthen the transducer’s useful life
      • Acoustic noise barrier for pitch-catch technology prevents crosstalk
      • Microdot connectors work with various NDT instruments

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