imajbox® Mobile Mapping System

imajbox® is a compact and portable mobile mapping system designed for high-speed and massive geo-referenced data collection along with transportation and linear networks.

It can be mounted on cars, trucks, trains, or boats, imajbox® can survey up to tens of thousands of kilometers.

Punctual, recurrent, or nationwide projects, imajbox® is the perfect tool to survey a network, thus having up-to-date data.

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Applications Mass Data Collection
Industries Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Education & Research


  • An accurate and continuous spatial positioning made possible by proprietary algorithms, allowing the fusion of the sensors' raw data (GNSS, IMU, images).


  • Independent, stand-alone, and auto-calibrated.


  • High-speed surveys for large scale data collection.


  • Controlled by Wi-Fi and connectors for external sensors integration.


  • Easy mounting in all directions with the tripod's suction pads.
imajbox® Mobile Mapping System
imajbox® Mobile Mapping System
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