Pipecheck™ Software

Creaform has the most trusted 3D scanning technology solution for corrosion, denting (mechanical damage), and wrinkle analysis. With Creaform 3D scanners bundled with

Pipe check software, service companies enable pipeline operators to stick to their planned budget and schedule while, most importantly, ensuring pipeline integrity and public safety. 

With this unique 3D scanning technology and innovative software, the solution goes beyond standards and active regulations, offering fast field deployment, user-independent results, versatile geometry analysis, easy reporting, and a complete 3D visualization of internal and external surfaces—raising the quality of service to a level never seen before.

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Applications 3D Laser Scanners
Industries Oil & Gas
  • Able to extract corrosion depth inside mechanical damage
  • In-line inspection (ILI) cooperation tool
  • Full-pipe joint assessment

Pipecheck™ Software

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