Pneumatic Floor Scabblers

Trelawny scabblers use compressed air to hammer piston-mounted bits into the concrete surface. They tend to roughen the concrete surface more than grinding or scarifying. The Trelawny MH5 and MH11 are available with low vibration and dust-free features, delivering ultimate productivity in a wide range of applications.

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Applications Surface Preparation
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services

Features for Pneumatic Concrete Scabbler MHS5:

  • Fast reduction of levels
  • Correct preparation for new applications of concrete
  • Removal of heavy coatings
  • Removal of contaminated materials and coatings with safe containment via standard fit Trelawny TVS® vacuum shroud.

Features for Pneumatic Floor Scabbler MHS11:

  • 11 replaceable carbide-tipped scabbling heads for fast production and long service life
  • 4,000 light blows per minute for fast production without damaging the underlying substrate
  • Trelawny Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction system for the protection of operators
  • Trelawny TVS® vacuum shroud system for the protection of operators and the surrounding environment.

Pneumatic Floor Scabblers

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