High-Resolution Multi-Channel Framing Camera SIMX

The Specialised Imaging SIMX Framing Camera offers up to 16 high-resolution images without creating shading, or parallax. Highly accurate timing and fully flexible intensified CCD sensors provide almost infinite control over interframe time, gain, and exposure to capture even the most difficult ultra-fast phenomena. Comprehensive triggering adjustment and a wide range of output signals are controlled using the custom software package which also includes measurement and image enhancement functions. The SIMX has an optional port for the addition of a highspeed video, or streak camera to allow either simultaneous long duration or ultra-high temporal resolution capture. A multi-spectral configuration SIMX camera can provide up to 16 different multi-spectral images with 5 color and 1 monochrome image.

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Applications High Speed Video Cameras
Industries Aerospace, Defence & Security, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas
  • Fully adjustable interframe time to 1ns
  • Fully adjustable exposure down to 3ns
  • Gain adjustment up to 10,000X
  • Adjustable output triggers
  • Nikon lens mount fitting
  • Ethernet communications
  • Multi-Spectral configuration camera option.
High-Resolution Multi-Channel Framing Camera SIMX
Product Brochures

  1. SI_SIMX_2020_r3.pdf

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