SmartDENT3D™ Software

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) experts are facing added pressure to make sure that in-service aircraft are assessed carefully to ensure public safety.

Creaform offers an easy, fast, and accurate NDT solution for 3D assessments of dent damages located on aircraft surfaces. It includes a HandySCAN 3DTM scanner and SmartDENT 3D™ surface inspection software. This dedicated software is the first on the market to offer 3D visualization. It also provides a guided workflow approach to simplify the measurement extraction of 3D scan data to get exactly the dimensions required for in-service aircraft assessments. The goal is to greatly reduce operators’ impact on measurement results and shorten the time to generate final reports. It saves users time and money—without compromising diagnosis results and safety.

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Applications 3D Laser Scanners
Industries Aerospace, Defence & Security
  • Guided workflow
  • Measures length and width of dent damages, closest neighbors, closest internal structure, maximum depth and the maximum depth of dent to theclosest internal structure, etc.
  • Assesses the ratio of maximum depth on length & width
  • Offers an easy visualization with colormaps for all features
  • Step-by-step process to perfectly bridge the gap between data acquisition and reporting operations
  • Instant, comprehensive reporting
SmartDENT3D™ Software

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