• Centrifugal and piston pump range
  • Centrifugal and piston pump range

Centrifugal and piston pump range

The PAS pump system consists of a centrifugal pump and a SuperDuo separator, which enables air to be separated from the liquid and be sucked by a vacuum pump – making automatic priming possible.
Even with suction heights of several meters, the machine rapidly evacuates the air from the suction pipe and starts to pump. 

The VAR range of self-priming centrifugal pumps are for applications where the main feature is the difficulty in priming. The VAR SPL range incorporates the same great features of the VAR range. However, the vacuum system makes it possible for the pump to also prime ‘dry’ and handle considerable quantities of air. The vacuum system ensures continued dewatering and performance under ‘snore’ conditions. The WEL SPL range incorporates a vacuum pump, making it possible to handle considerable quantities of air efficiently
  • Hinged cover for easy maintenance
  • High efficiency hydraulic ends
  • Low fuel consumption guarantee
  • High capacity diaphragm pump for automatic priming
  • Solids handling without the risk of clogging