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Drilling Tools

Drilling Tools

Dando manufactures a wide range of high grade steel drill rods at their UK based factory. These include common types of rod for water well, mineral exploration, geotechnical and geothermal drilling operations. Drill rods are the largest component of the drill string and their main function is to provide rotary motion and flushing medium to the bit. Dando rods are machined from top-grade drill steel from European steel producers to ensure maximum strength and longevity.

Dando is also specialized in designing and supplying drag bits – stepped, chevron and custom PCD types – as well as tricone bits. A drag bit is a series of blades (usually three or four in number) which produce a shearing action when rotated. 

Dando also supplies casing to all of the major standards which include API 5a – BS879 – DCDMA and many more. 
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Dando supplies an extensive range of high quality tooling and consumables for drilling operations large and small. Our range of products include:
  • Diamond Coring & Non-coring Bits
  • Rock Bits   - Drag Bits, PCD Bits, Hole Openers
  • Rods/ Drill Pipes
  • Casing - Rotary, Well, PVC and Micro Piling Casing
  • Core Barrels and Equipment
  • Drill Collars
  • Drill Stabilizers
  • Sub Adaptors and Accessories
  • Down the Hole Hammers
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling Equipment
  • Soft Soil Sampling Equipment
  • Auger Equipment - Continuous Flight Augers, Hollow Stem Augers and Accessories
  • Cable Percussion Tools and Equipment