• Discotom-100/-10
  • Discotom-100/-10
  • Discotom-100/-10


Discotom-10 and Discotom-100 are versatile tabletop cut-off machines, designed to give you a cost-efficient opportunity to expand your cutting capabilities and streamline your cutting processes. Spacious, versatile, and easy to use, Discotom-100 and Discotom-10 deliver exceptional cutting flexibility, with more cutting options that let you clamp and cut all types of workpieces efficiently, with less effort and minimum deformation.

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Key features that enables greater versatility and productivity
  • Largest cutting table in its class
  • Unmatched user friendliness
  • Latest cutting technologies
  • Automatic X-table
  • Cut-off wheel database
  • Intelligent speed adjustment
  • ExciCut for very hard materials
  • MultiCut (Serial cutting – results in a number of slices.)
  • Method Database