• ElectriAll-In-One


Manufacturer: BudgetSensors
Versatile silicon AFM probe with 4 different cantilevers on a single AFM holder chip, with electrically conductive coating. Rotated, monolithic silicon AFM probe for various applications (Contact Mode, Force Modulation Mode, Tapping Mode and Soft Tapping Mode);Symmetric tip shape.

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  • The AFM holder chip fits most commercial AFMs as it is industry standard size.
  • It is compatible with Bruker/Veeco/DI AFMs, TM Microscopes, JEOL, Agilent/Molecular Imaging, and other commercial atomic force microscopes (AFMs)
  • The main advantage of this product compared to regular, single-cantilever AFM probes is the freedom to choose in the very last moment the right cantilever for each application.