• Electromechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear

Electromechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear

The GDS Electromechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Device (EMDCSS) is for simple shear testing, which can be upgraded to direct shear. It is capable of carrying out dynamic cyclic tests from small strain (0.005% shear strain amplitude) to large strain (10% shear strain amplitude), as well as extremely accurate quasi-static testing. This is the choice for a no-compromise simple shear machine with the greatest range of testing capability. The perfect choice for advanced commercial testing or academic research.

Application includes earthquake testing, landslide testing, offshores testing, embankment dams testing, construction and piling testing

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  • Teflon coated low friction retaining rings
  • Electro-mechanical actuators that give superior performance, reduce space and provide cost savings
  • Active height control
  • Axial & Shear linear guidance provided by super-stiff crossed-roller bearings
  • GDS shear loadcell