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  • FlexoFORM


Pipe elbows are susceptible to damage, such as from flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), but inspecting them is challenging since their shape changes from convex to concave, and there are many possible pipe diameters. The FlexoFORM™ solution integrates flexible phased array probe technology in a scanner to solve these challenges. When combined with a water column, this solution can be used to collect easy-to-interpret data on elbows with diameters ranging from 4.5 in. OD up to flat and offers many benefits, including:
  • 100% elbow coverage
  • Intuitive 2D C-scan imaging
  • High-resolution data (1 mm × 1 mm)
  • Fast elbow wall thickness measurement
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Features of FlexoFORM 
  • Quickly measure the wall thickness of elbows
  • 100% elbow coverage for a high probability of detection
  • Intuitive 2D C-scan imaging
  • Built in encoder for scan direction
  • Smart indexer button positioned on the scanner
  • Magnetic wheels minimize the operators physical input
  • water wedges for a wide range of pipe diameters
  • Constant water column