• Floor Cutters - Compactcut 400 & 800

Floor Cutters - Compactcut 400 & 800

The Compactcut design series is not only extraordinarily powerful and equipped with convincing technology, it is also extremely versatile and can even reach the smallest vorner of the building site.

  • Every corner of the building site can be reached thanks to the compact, easy to handle design
  • LISSMAC electric floor cutters are quiet, so they are especially suitable for cutting work near to and inside buildings (low noise pollution)
  • The COMPACTCUT 400 is quickly and simply dismantled into three parts. This allows it to be easily moved around in buildings
  • Lowering and raising the saw blade is done smoothly by means of an threaded spindle with cutting depth display, thereby preventing damage to the saw blade
  • Vitesse de rotation optimale de l’arbre porte-disque
  • Saw hood front can be raised for intersections
  • Excellent “straight ahead” travel imparted by the sawing arm position
  • The saw hood is always positioned horizontally, offering the best possible protection against injury and minimising water spray
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Easily converted from left to right cut with few hand movements
  • The rear running wheel sits outside of the saw cut. This makes recutting of cut joints easy
  • Standard flange spraying ensures low water consumption and optimal cooling
  • A high slot and saw accuracy is reached due to the optimal weight distribution on the front wheels