• Forward Plate Compactors
  • Forward Plate Compactors

Forward Plate Compactors

The Forward plate compactors from Husqvarna is specialised in compacting granular soil and asphalt. The part of the range specialised in granular soil has been designed for compacting thin to medium layers. Silt and gravel require good climbing capacity, high centrifugal forces and high speeds.
Model No Engine Speed Weight
LF130 LT(Petrol) Honda GX160 22m/min 135kg
LF130 LT(Diesel) Hatz 1B20 22m/min 142kg
LF 100 L Honda GX160 25m/min 97kg
LF 80 L Honda GX160 33m/min 84kg
LF 75 L Honda GX160 27m/min 82kg
LF 50 L Honda GX160 24m/min 53kg
LF 100 LAT Petrol Honda GX160 25m/min 109kg
LF 100 LAT Diesel Hatz 1B20 25m/min 118kg
LF 80 LAT Honda GX160 33m/min 95kg
LF 75 LAT Honda GX160 27m/min 95kg
LF 60 LAT Honda GX160 25m/min 67kg
LX 90 Honda GX160 22m/min 96kg

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  • Hours of efficient work
  • Easy handling, excellent results
  • More work with less water
  • Easy to transport