• GroundExplorer
  • GroundExplorer


The MALÅ GroundExplorer (GX) is based on MALÅ´s innovative and patent-pending HDR technology and represent a leap forward in GPR technology.
MALÅ GroundExplorer is an integrated GPR solution with four different MALÅ GroundExplorer antennas; the GX80, GX160, GX450 and the GX750.  Every MALÅ GX solution contains two separate components, the GX Controller and the GX antenna, connected through a single cable.

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  • Well designed, field-rugged enclosure
  • Built-in power supply and DGPS
  • Reduced footprint and weight
  • Simplified graphical user interface
  • In-the-field processing and interpretation
  • Visible cables reduced to a minimum
  • High resolution HDR controller display
  • Two component system with one cable
  • All antennas meet FCC, EC and IC regulatory limits on radio emissions