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ImajBox Sensor

ImajBox Sensor

Imajbox® is a compact and portable mobile mapping system designed for high speed and massive geo referenced data collection along transportation and linear networks.
Mounted on cars, trucks, trains or boats, imajbox® can survey up to tens of thousands of kilometers.

Punctual, recurrent or nationwide projects, imajbox® is the tool to adapt to every task. Imajbox® merges data captured by a set of sensors to ensure accurate and continuous positioning – a factory calibrated inertial measurement unit (IMU),  a GNSS receiver and a barometric sensor – and operates a patended self-calibration algorithm using the image flow. 

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  • Compact equipment with built in IMU and Accelerometers
  • 8.9 MP CMOS Global shutter camera
  • Can be fixed in any vehicles, including trains/trucks /buses/Quad bikes
  • Data can be captured at speeds from 0-180KM/hr and upto 300KM/hr at high speed Mode
  • Geo-referenced, 3D-processed and accurate imagery, gives you a virtual motorway corridor for feeding or updating your assets databases, GIS or CAD