• MP0/MP0R Series

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MP0/MP0R Series

MP0/MP0R Series

Compact, handy and robust – instruments from the MP0 and MP0R series make it easy and fast to measure coating thicknesses non-destructively. With two displays, a particularly strong casing and wear-resistant probe tip, they are the ideal companion for reliable usage directly onsite


PERMASCOPE® for coatings on steel and iron
ISOSCOPE® for coatings on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
DUALSCOPE® for coatings on steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, with no need to change the instrument
Coatings in the micrometer range on non-ferrous metals, iron or steel
Thick coatings made from non-ferrous metals or protective coatings on steel

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Features include
  • Reliable measurements, even under rough environmental conditions, due to especially robust instrument construction
  • Simple operation even in hard-to-reach measuring spots with two independently pivoting and illuminated displays
  • Measure according to standards, with special modes for IMO PSPC and SSPC-PA2
  • Fast and repeatably accurate measurement due to the device's compact size and intuitive single-handed operation concept