• Portable AC Yoke

Portable AC Yoke

The JAY and JAYSON Electromagnets are a market standard in MPI. Manufactured in the UK by our Sheffield branch, these now (for the first time) can be used with a self contained AC Field output. The product gives an excellent "skin effect" and can out perform existing DC portable units as regards defect definition and clarity.
The JAY-PAC or JAYSON-PAC utilises the AC-Eazy powerbelt. This belt can be purchased on it's own if you have an existing 110volt electromagnet, or as the complete kit with the prefered JAY or JAYSON (as specified in our appended pdf here) The system uses a high powered light weight Lithium battery (only 1.250kg) to power our bespoke design of wave form generator.
  • True AC output giving superior “skin effect” advantages over “Pulsed DC”
  • Particle agitation giving defined defect indications
  • Heavy duty steeplejack style leather tool belt with: - battery holder, control unit holder and electromagnet holder.
  • Belt Accessories – Aerosol holsters & spare battery case/tool case (for tools / notepads / pens etc)
  • Hands free travel to site enabling ladder climbing etc.
  • No trailing leads.
  • Extended operating time
  • Powerful 12volt Battery Pack (only 1.25Kg!)