• Reversible Plate Compactors
  • Reversible Plate Compactors

Reversible Plate Compactors

Husqvarna offers a wide range of reversible plate compactors to suit different needs.

Ideal jobs for the LG300, LG204 and LG164 are lighter compaction tasks, such as driveways and pathways. They are ideal when macadam beds are thinner and you need a compactor that can move around corners fast. The middleweight LG 504 is optionally equipped with a compaction indicator which helps the user get it right first time. The new model can handle both deep and medium deep compaction of granular soils and give outstanding traction. The LH700 and LH804 are our most powerful reversible plates and they can handle compaction of medium to thick layers of granular soils – from sand to rock fill. Adding a bluetooth remote control to the LH804-system helps you when work gets tough. 
Model # Engine Speed Weight
LG 504 Hatz1D81Z 32m/min 470kg
LG 400(Petrol) Honda GX390 25m/min 398kg
LG 400(Diesel) Kohler 15LD 440/S 25m/min 436kg
LG 300(Petrol) Honda GX270 25m/min 265kg
LG 300(Diesel) Hatz 1B30 25m/min 307kg
LG 204(Petrol) Honda GX200 23m/min 211kg
LG 204(Diesel) Hatz 1B20 22m/min 251kg
LG 164(Petrol) Honda GX160 22m/min 157kg
LG 164(Diesel) Hatz 1B20 22m/min 166kg
LH 804 Hatz1D90V 30m/min 820kg
LH 700 Hatz1D90V 30m/min 780kg

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  • Robust construction
  • Zero hand/arm vibrations
  • Efficient and easy to operate
  • Better performance with high speed