• Rhopoint IQ ( Goniophotometer ) 20°/60°

Rhopoint IQ ( Goniophotometer ) 20°/60°

The Rhopoint IQ quantifies surface quality problems that are invisible to a standard glossmeter and profiles how light is reflected from a surface.
This incredibly advanced instrument measures: 20/60° GLOSS • HAZE• REFLECTED IMAGE QUALITY (RIQ) • DISTINCTNESS OF IMAGE (DOI) • RSPEC
In practice, these terms mean:
  • Gloss: A measurement proportional to the amount of light reflected from a surface measured at 20° (high gloss) and 60° (mid gloss)
  • Haze: An optical effect caused by microscopic textures or residue on a surface.
  • RIQ : Used to quantify effects such as orange peel and surface waviness. This new parameter gives higher resolution results compared to Distinctness of Image (DOI) measurement and better mimics human perception of surface texture, especially on high quality finishes such as automotive paint finish.
  • DOI: A measure of how clearly a reflected image will appear in a reflective surface.
  • RSPEC: The peak gloss value over a very narrow angle.
  • Full colour easy to read screen, adjustable brightness 6 button touch sensitive interface
  • Single button push to measure all parameters
  • Pocket sized instrument with integrated tile holder
  • Fully automatic calibration with tile detection and verification for error-free calibration
  • Onboard Statistics (max, min, mean, S.D.) and graphs
  • Results batching with user definable names
  • Rhopoint Data Widget – A windows app that allows results to be instantly transmitted to any PC package such as Excel, Word, SPC programs etc.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility – transmit data to any smartphone, tablet or PC
  • USB results download to PC without the need to install software