• Scanmaskin 32

Scanmaskin 32

The Scanmaskin 32 was designed with a focus on the operator. This is demonstrated by the ergonomic handle design, ease of use, and advanced features that provide real time feedback to the operator. The machine features cast alloy components along with a floating shroud, designed for years of durability and dust free operation.

The Scanmaskin 32 is equipped with a new toolhead for better balance and tool support and a new electrical cabinet with an improved cooling system that new electrical cabinet with a sealed cooling system that protects the electrical components from heat and dust. The 370 mm wheels and the quick release makes it easy to operate and maneuver the machine manually.

Voltage: 200-240 V 3~ / 400-480 V 3~
Motor Power: 15 kW /20 hp
Current: 32 amp
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Grinding disc speed: 230-825 rpm
Grinding disc: 3 X 300 mm / 3 X 11,8”
Grinding widht: 800 mm/ 32”
Weight: 630 kg/ 1389 lbs
Water tank: 20 l / 5,3 US gal