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Small Portable Pumps

Small Portable Pumps

The range of small pumps was carefully chosen to ensure we can cover the maximum amount of applications. The balance of portability and power means you can easily transport them to your application site. The rugged, high performance features ensure performance – even in the harshest of environments.

The JB series offers two models. Both are lightweight, highly portable, self-priming, gasoline driven pumps. The JB models are ideal for multiple applications, including emergency use, general construction and industrial dewatering. The ETP series are lightweight, highly portable, self-priming pumps.  The LB pump series offers two models, each with three options on the power source. To enable maximum versatility and to make a pump that fits with your needs, we offer a choice of gasoline, diesel or electric power
With a choice of gasoline, diesel or electric power; these pumps are fit for a variety of applications and the features are as below

‚Äč• Portable and lightweight
• Easy maintenance – no special tools needed
• Solids handling capability
• Low fuel consumption
• Self-priming (wet prime) with a suction lift of 7,5m
• Trolley version available (ETP 100D)