• Terra Portable XRD

Terra Portable XRD

The Terra Mobile XRD System, a high performing, completely contained, battery operated, closed-beam portable XRD, provides full phase ID of major, minor and trace components with a quick XRF scan of elements Ca - U. Its unique, minimal sample prep technique and sample chamber allow for fast, in-field analysis.

The Terra is the first truly portable combination XRF/XRD system designed specifically for rock and mineral analysis. Now field XRD work can really be done in the field. The Terra can be configured with everything you need to acquire and analyze diffraction data in a rugged compact case. With a patented sample handling system, not only is sample preparation time minimized, but accuracy in peak identification previously only available using laboratory based systems can be achieved.

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  • Self-contained instrument - Batter operated
  • Very simple sample preparation: loose powders and sieve sample
  • Easy to use, single button operation
  • True 2D powder XRD instrument
  • Energy discrimination X-ray detector