• Triaxial Automated System

Triaxial Automated System

The GDS Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS) is a load frame-based triaxial testing system and the system is configured by choosing from a range of load frames, triaxial cells, pressure controllers and software.
The system can be configured as a multi-station commercial testing apparatus right through to high load rock testing at research level. If an existing system requires upgrading, parts of the GDSTAS system can be incorporated with existing equipment, including those from some other manufacturers.

Application includes landslide testing, tunnelling testing, dams testing, construction and piling testing

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  • Each system may be configured exactly to the customer’s specification and budget
  • Automated software control
  • Standard set-ups available (ELTAS, STDTAS, ADVTAS, HPTAS)
  • Compatible with other manufacturers products