• Variable Direction Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear

Variable Direction Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear

The variable direction dynamic cyclic simple shear system (VDDCSS) allows simple shear to be performed in two directions, rather than the standard single direction. This is achieved by having a secondary shear actuator that acts at 90 degrees to the primary actuator.

When used as a variable direction machine, the secondary shear axis can be used independently or in conjunction with the other shear axis. Therefore, simple shear may be performed in any horizontal direction. Used for simulating change in wind direction on a wind turbine without having to remove the sample.

Application includes earthquake testing, offshores testing, landslide testing, embankment dams testing, construction and piling testing
  • Test control
  • Direction of shear and pattern of shear rotation from zero degrees can be defined
  • Teflon coated rings
  • Control & Acquisition software can also define test stages at different shear stress
  • Independent axis control
  • Local strain LVDT’s for both shear directions