• Virtual Infinite Stiffness Load Frames

Virtual Infinite Stiffness Load Frames

The GDS Virtual Infinite Stiffness loading system (GDSVIS) is the premier load frame in the GDS range with load capacities of 100kN, 250kN, 400kN and 500kN.

The GDSVIS load frames are designed to be stiffer than classical loading frames. This is to allow more accurate testing of stiffer samples with less equipment compliance. Furthermore each GDSVIS is internally calibrated to allow automatic self-compensation for any remaining compliance. This type of frame is exclusive to GDS.

Application includes  frozen soils testing, tunnelling testing, embankment dams testing, construction testing, temperature controlled testing and piling testing

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  • Load-deformation relationship
  • Built in feedback
  • Automatic correction
  • Column strength
  • Electro-mechanical actuators that give superior performance, reduce space and provide cost savings
  • Standalone Control
  • Mechanical upper beam lift as standard
  • Advanced Trajectory generation