• Wingtra One Surveying Drone

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Wingtra One Surveying Drone

Wingtra One Surveying Drone

WingtraOne’s unparalleled vertical landing technology enables touchdown in confined areas as small as 2 m x 2 m like boats or forest lanes. Combined with a flight range of up to 50 km, large coverage mapping missions become feasible that have been impossible up until today.

The VTOL mapping drone WingtraOne is designed to safeguard its valuable sensors and eliminate wear and tear of the equipment. Instead of broken wings or damaged cameras from belly landings & parachute touchdowns, the WingtraOne lands gently. During the vertical descent, laser sensor data enables the WingtraOne to sense the ground and land safely even on the most rocky grounds like open pit mines and on hilly terrain.

In case of a changing landing environment like a drifting boat or recently parked cars, the landing spot can be adjusted as easily as with any multirotor.

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  • Designed & assembled in Switzerland with highest quality standards for most reliable operations
  • Fully assembled & no need to to attach wings, propeller or set up a catapult every time
  • Fully automated vertical take-off without human interaction (no hand launch, no catapult)
  • Autonomous precision landing on tail
  • 2 light weight, brushless motors for high flight performance and low noise level
  • Smart battery technology, UN compliant Li-ion cells
  • 8 km (5 mi), bi-directional antennas for optimal range
  • Versatile work computing power for a smooth workflow
  • Fully integrated into WingtraOne, shock free vertical landing
  • Fully modular with single standard USB-C interface