Sigma Terms & Conditions:-

1. Payment and credit terms
1.1. Payment terms are as stated in our quotation to you.
1.2. All goods/services sold on credit are subject to credit department approval.
1.3. Accounts exceeding agreed payment terms will be put on hold, Order may be delayed during this time as they will be subject to approval.
1.3.1. All delivery or invoicing discrepancies need to be notified to SIGMA account department within 7 working days from receipt of delivery /invoice.
1.4. The orders placed online are done by the authorized person for the company and that the invoice is paid within the agreed credit terms with SIGMA.
1.5. All online orders are binding unless SIGMA is notified as per our return policy. 
2. Prices and sales conditions
2.1. Prices on the quotations and invoices are net selling prices after agreed discounts.
2.2. Orders placed for non-standard items will be charged to the customer and cannot be cancelled.
2.3. All items are sold in sales package quantities or multiples thereof.
3. Freight & Delivery Conditions
3.1. Next day delivery service is offered in the UAE within city limits and excludes oversized shipments.
3.2. Same day delivery and special handling requirements will be subject to prior mutual agreement. Additional costs may be charged for these options.
3.3. All requests for proof of delivery must be made within a period of 60 days following the date of invoice
3.4. In case there are discrepancies noted at the time of delivery, the customer must lodge a complaint with SIGMA customer service and make a specific note on the delivery note.
3.5. Any delivery discrepancies need to be notified to SIGMA within 48 hours of delivery.
3.6. The customer agrees that in the event of a valid claim loss or damage to goods for which SIGMA is liable, SIGMA may at its sole discretion either replace the lost or damaged goods at its own expense or refund the price of the lost or damaged goods but shall then be under no further liability in connection with such loss or damage.
3.7. If for any reason the customer is unable to accept delivery of the goods at the time when the goods have been notified as ready for delivery, SIGMA may at its sole discretion store and re-deliver with the cost charged to the customer, provided that the buyer shall be informed thereof.
4. Product Returns policy
4.1. Returns up to 30 days from the date of invoice are accepted by the SIGMA Emirates with full credit note subject to all conditions under Returns Policy.
4.2. Goods must have been supplied directly by SIGMA Enterprises, be unused, undamaged, in their original packaging in unbroken quantity and subject to inspection.
4.3. Chemical products (with an expiry date) cannot be accepted back.
4.4. “Non-standard’’ are not accepted as returns.
4.5. Goods cannot be returned where they have been purchased as part of an order where the product has been given free of charge, a demonstration tool or a promotion offer.
4.6. The material returned may be a portion or all the items sold on a given order.
4.7. Proof of purchase is required for all returned materials.
4.8. The minimum return value is 400 AED.
4.9. SIGMA Emirates LLC has the option to accept returns that are not complying with the above condition. In case of acceptance of those returns, SIGMA Emirates L.L.C has the right to apply a handling fee.
5. Service Repairs
5.1. The above-quoted price is an estimated cost only and could be revised during the detailed repair process to make the equipment functional and/or to rectify the problem reported.
5.2. If the actual repair cost is higher than the initial estimate, SIGMA will notify you accordingly for the necessary approvals to complete the repair. If the repair cost is lower than the estimate, then the billing will be done at the actual amount.
5.3. All Service Estimates are valid for 15 days from the estimation date unless specified otherwise. f a response or LPO is not received within this time, SIGMA will return the equipment back to you. However, no repairs shall be commenced until the LPO confirmation is received. For LPO-CDC/PDC customers, a copy of CDC/PDC is required along with the LPO to accept the order confirmation.
5.4. To assess your equipment/machine, our Service Engineer might have to disassemble the unit for inspection. In the event of not going ahead with the repair and the machine cannot pass out mechanical and/or electrical safety, we may have to return the equipment in a disassembled condition.
5.5. Sigma can provide you with the replaced parts along with the equipment delivery only based on the advance request. If no request(s) is received at the order confirmation stage, SIGMA reserves the right to scrap the faulty items immediately.
5.6. SIGMA assures a warranty of 1 month for all paid services including the replaced parts, excluding the normal wear and tear components and/or consumables. In the case of outsourced repairs, the warranty will be as per the respective repair vendor policy.
5.7. Any Service Repair warranty will be null and void in case the equipment is not used as per the Manufacturer Operational Manual and/or repaired by any unauthorized personnel.
5.8. In the event of not going ahead with the repair, SIGMA reserves the right to charge you an amount of AED 500/- per machine and/or the amount charged by our vendor, whichever is higher, towards handling and collection. For an initial assessment of more than 2 hours, we reserve the right to entail the appropriate amount for the same. 
5.9. For any repairs or calibration done outside SIGMA Service Centre (including Manufacturer Service or 3rd Party Service Centre), assessment charges would be levied as per the vendor policy in case of denial. In addition to this, handling charges are applicable for all overseas outsourced repairs.
5.10. Sigma will not be held responsible for preserving the data on the equipment/machine. We advise the customers to take the backup of the data (if any), before dropping the machine for Service or Calibration.
5.11. All repaired equipment/machines must be collected from SIGMA premises after making the necessary payments within 30 days. Thereafter, SIGMA reserves the right to scrap the tool without any further notice to the customer. 
5.12. For CDC/COD customers, if the tool is not collected within 5 working days from the notification of job completion, a penalty of 5% of the total order value will be charged per day for late collection.
5.13. Collection/delivery charges are not included in the price quoted. Should you need this service AED 300/- will be charged extra per service.
5.14. Please visit for more info.
5.15. For all regulated products, during repairs/inspection, if SIGMA or the manufacturer gets evidence of the machine being used in Embargo countries, the machine would be confiscated by the authorities and SIGMA or the supplier would not be held responsible for the loss
6. Acceptance of order
6.1. Acceptance of a customer order is limited to the expressed terms and conditions contained herein. Additional or different terms are deemed material and are objected to and rejected. All variances in the terms of the description, quantity, price or delivery schedule of the goods are subject to SIGMA's acceptance.
7. Authorization
7.1. SIGMA representatives are not authorized to modify these terms and conditions.
8. Additional Notes
8.1. Should you have any queries about the above terms and conditions, please contact SIGMA customer service toll-free number 800 6373.
8.2. At times or dates given for deliveries of the goods are given in good faith and time for delivery shall not be of the essence. 
8.3. The Company shall not liable for any loss, costs, damages, charges, and expenses caused directly or indirectly any delay in the delivery of the goods (even if caused by the Company’s negligence).
8.4. Chemical storage conditions between 5 and 25 Celsius degrees. 

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